Why Timber?

We use slow growth Pine from Northern Scandinavian. Selecting predominantly heart wood, which contains less knots and has a greater strength and resistance to distortion and rot.


All frames/sashes are solid wood to enhance the beauty of your home and provide the warm comforting feel only natural wood can provide (Forma & Aura)

In addition to their natural, beautiful look, windows and doors made of timber have a long service life and are sustainable and easy to clean and maintain. You should choose timber windows and doors if you appreciate nature's genuine materials, inside as well as outside.

Aluminium Clad Timber 

Our frames can be externally clad in aluminium (Formaplus & Auraplus) to afford greater protection from the elements  which minimise the need for maintenance.

The construction consist of an all-timber sash and frame with external aluminium cladding offering protection against the weather. This means that you do not have to paint the exterior of your windows or doors during the life of the products.