Windows- Traditional


Today, older and classic houses can also be refurbished to enjoy the advantages of energy efficient windows. Our Rationel FORMA range consists of all-timber windows with slim, non-continuous bars. The FORMAPLUS range is similar to the FORMA range, produced with the same solid timber construction. The only difference is that FORMAPLUS is provided with external aluminium cladding, ensuring minimum maintenance. This product range is also ideal for new build if a classic expression is desired.

FORMA and FORMAPLUS are available both with and without glazing bars to fit in with your design. Terrace and entrance doors with glazing and wooden infill panels are also part of the range. They are easy to join in multiples and therefore suitable for complex window solutions.

The design of FORMAPLUS is slim and traditional, available in a range of country-style designs with various configurations of glazing bars.

Made from timber with external aluminium claddin, FORMAPLUS offers all the benefits of natural wood on the inside and easy maintenance on the outside


These windows come with security ironmongery as standard and are suitable for Passiv Haus buildings.

Forma Double Glazed

Forma Double Glazed

Forma Triple Glazed

Forma Triple Glazed

Formaplus Double Glazed

Formaplus Double Glazed

Formaplus Triple Glazed

Formaplus Triple Glazed

Vrogum/Solborg - Sliding Sash

Due to ground breaking hardware developed and patented by Vrogum-Svarre, the sliding sash window is now as efficient as a casement window.  It complies with modern requirements for heat insulation and sound reduction as well as being draught and theft proof, and all without compromising the look of a traditional box sash window.


♦ Comply with Part L 2006: Building Regulations (Conservation of fuel and power)

♦ Extremely wind and water tight, one of the tightest on the market

♦ Tested for up to 39DB sound reduction (according to EN ISO 717-1:1996)

♦ Standard with Super Low E glass with Argon Gas Uw-value 1.5 for reference window W:1230 H:1480 with Ug=1,1 glass

♦ High Quality Torso spring balances ♦ Operated by lockable window handle

♦ Safe and easy window cleaning from inside, bottom tilt

♦ Locked night ventilation position and/or trickle vents

♦ Internal glazing beads, with a putty rabbet look on the outside

♦ 22 mm simulated glazing bars, with putty rabbet look

♦ Horns

♦ High security due to concealed espagnolette locking and internal glazing beads

♦ Fully drained sash and glazing system