S-5OO Series Aluminium Entrance Doors


Over two hundred S-500 Series aluminium doors are installed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland each week (30,000 doors manufactured each year), specified by Architects because they combine premium quality Schüco aluminium profiles with engineering excellence.

Design A Grand Entrance

Design your door from scratch or customise an existing style from over 400 different entrance door models. We offer every RAL colour or combination of colours, durable wood-effect detailing and fully textured surface finishes to compliment your home.

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Spitfire S-500 Select Inotherm
S-500 Spitfire Doors Exclusive
S-500 Spitfire Doors Exclusive 3D Inotherm


A diverse selection of round and square outer and inner handles made of stainless steel in polished or matt finishes, including a combination of wood finish, Swarovski crystals or even with integrated LEDs, enables timeless opening and closing of your door, without any type of maintenance.

Strong, Stylish and Very Secure

Spitfire S-5OO Series aluminium entrance doors offer the highest levels of security, thermal performance and durability.

Exceptional Security

You are free to specify the most suitable locking system and security upgrades for your door from our range of high performance locks. Spitfire doors have been tested and passed level 2, at the most highly regarded test house in Europe, the Rosenheim Institute in Germany.

Extraordinary Thermal Insulation

Spitfire S-500 Series doors come as standard with 0.61 W/m2k.

Exceptional Structure

With 3mm thick aluminum walls in all Schüco profiles the stability of each door is 100% guaranteed. This is combined with 3-piece security barrel hinges and a patented sash design with the Spitfire special dilation layer, that prevents distortion even under extreme weather conditions.

Looking for a Tall Door?

Our S-500 Series doors can be manufactured to 2700mm.

The installer in the picture (right) is 1.9m tall, this door in total is 2500mm high.

Looking for a Double Door?

Our S-500 Series doors can be manufactured to 2500mm wide (2 doors)

VA Windows S-500 Double Door (4)_opt.jpg
S-500 2500mm double side lights.jpg
S-500 Main Minor Equal.JPG
S-500 Main Minor offset.JPG

Still not convinced?

1.     The patented anti-dilation layer prevents any warping, twisting or deformity

2.     3mm thick aluminium skins prevent movement, cracking or bubbling

3.     3mm wall thickness on unique Schuco profiles also guarantees stability. These are Inotherm designed profiles

4.     Dark paint colours are no problem at all

5.     Single doors can be made at 1260mm wide x 2700mm high, which is huge

6.     There are hundreds of designs because we can CNC the super thick 3mm skins

7.     You can really design a completely bespoke door, Inotherm will make virtually any design even those not shown.

8.     Any additions e.g. numerals are fully recessed into the skin

9.     Triple glazed, laminated glass units are fully encapsulated within the slab

10.   Side and top lights are triple glazed, laminated

11.   The constituent door materials are mostly aluminium and foam and don’t experience any expansion or contraction issues

12.   The door slabs are 95mm thick which means high security, low u values and proper sealing

13.   Extraordinarily low u values, far exceeding Passive House guidelines

14.   Industry leading u-value 0.61 W/m2k. 95mm standard thickness door

15.   There are 20 wood effect options

16.   The biometric options are secure, reliable and easy to programme

The manufacturing quality of Inotherm will probably never be equalled by a UK company

New for 2021 - Door Sash is now 95mm deep, giving enhanced u-Value to 0.6 W/m2k.

95mm Door Sash.JPG

VA Windows Designs Supplies and Installs Spitfire Doors across London and the South East of England.

We have installed Spitfire Doors from Bicester to East London to Salisbury. More than delighted to install in Surrey, Middlesex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Sussex