Completely revised door model

for Spring 2019.     

Now with a Uvalue of 0.92

S-200. Where Form Meets Function

Spitfire’s mid-range of beautiful designer entrance doors, represents one of the most comprehensive ranges of aluminium residential doors in the world.

For over ten years now, these incredibly secure, stylish, contemporary designer doors have established an unrivalled reputation with the most discerning customers across Europe and also in the very hot and challenging climates of Africa and far east Asia.

These beautiful designer entrance doors also seamlessly fuse outstanding aesthetic appeal with state-of-the-art engineering, being meticulously constructed from carefully bespoke designed aluminium sections combined with Winkhaus German engineered precision locking systems – from a standard 3-bolt hooklock right up to 17 locking bolts.

A sleek black thermally-broken aluminium low threshold comes as standard and a 15mm threshold packer is an option. While all door models incorporating glass feature triple glazing with laminated safety glass, and as standard, the inside door face is plain without decoration. Side and toplights are double glazed, also with safety glass.

Together, this provides you with the perfect synthesis of beauty, technology, security, insulation, durability and exclusivity.

Enter the World Of Exclusive Spitfire Doors

Spitfire Doors was originally established in response to the increasing demand for exclusive, secure, beautifully engineered doors and currently offers the widest range of high-end residential entrance doors in Europe, with over 600 different door styles to choose from and quality designed to last a lifetime.

All designs are exclusive to Spitfire and, in  conjunction with our authorised Design Partners, we offer comprehensive survey and installation coverage right across the UK and Ireland.


We have showcased the S-200 Series of beautiful designs here. We are confident that these designs will provide you with the flexibility you require along with extraordinary levels of quality and remarkable aesthetics.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a door that’s even more out of the ordinary, we can also create a bespoke door that’s uniquely yours.

Simple, Linear,Complex or Curved

With Spitfire, of course, you have the option of buying the exact door that you have seen in one of our Design and Installation Partners’ showrooms or you have the freedom to design your own door.

Not only that but current trends are also accommodated since our beautiful S-200 Series aluminium doors can be made on an imposing scale, up to 1150mm in width and a impressive 2250mm in height, plus toplights and sidelights!

In fact, with such an enormous range to choose from, including doors with sidelights, toplights, double doors and French doors, there’s a Spitfire S-200 door to suit every kind of property, whatever your personal style and taste in décor.

Impeccable Style, Impregnable Security

A casual glance at a Spitfire S-200 door reveals its beauty. And yet the real beauty of a Spitfire door can be found in its engineering. Each S-200 door sash features discreet mechanical fixings to prevent distortion in hot and cold climates, and subtle micro-adjustment devices in the head and base of the door.

Our door is a substantial 64mm thick with no less than three layers of security glass making it hardly surprising that every S-200 door conforms to RC2 levels of exceptional security and weathering, specified by the IFT Rosenheim Test Institute in Germany.

Lower U-Values, Lower Energy Bills

Just to get a little technical for a moment, U-values are used to measure how effective building products are in preventing heat being lost from inside a building.

In a nutshell, the lower the U-value of a door, the more slowly heat can escape through it, which means the door provides better insulation so that less energy, and therefore of course less money, is needed to heat your home.

And Spitfire S-200 Series aluminium doors easily outperform composite doors with U-values as low as 0.92 W/m2K  (trust us, that’s pretty low!) Which means, to sum up, that these doors will both look great and keep you safe, reducing your domestic running costs and protecting the environment both inside and outside your beautiful new front door.

Frame Sizes

  • 68mm or 84mm outer frame depth (flat/curved)

  • 78mm sash panel depth

  • Maximum single door width 1150mm (Min 950mm)

  • Maximum door height 2400mm

Our Standard Finishes

Each S-200 Series door comes with an extremely resilient powder coated paint finish to guarantee colour stability, weather resistance and low maintenance, plus triple seals helping to keep the very worst of our climate’s vagaries at bay. There’s a choice of hundreds of RAL colours, in gloss, matt, metallic, dual coloured, or multi-coloured, along with 21 wood effects and many textured finishes.
New Colour Effects for 2021 - Carbon Fibre, Corten (Weathered Steel), Copper and Concrete.


In addition to the myriad of options available in terms of style, finish and security, the S-200 Series also comes with a choice of glass and handles, so it’s fair to say that there really is a Spitfire S-200 front door to suit every property. Not only that but, when you order an entrance door from Spitfire, we explain all these options to you. And, whatever options you choose, we deliver your door ready fitted with your chosen extras in the finish of your choice.

S-200 1115 7016.jpg
S-200 1115 detail.jpg

One of our S-200 model 1115 in anthracite grey. Double side lights and matching 'clear stripe' glazing and CNC

VA Windows Designs Supplies and Installs Spitfire Doors across London and the South East of England.

We have installed Spitfire Doors from Bicester to East London to Salisbury. More than delighted to install in Surrey, Middlesex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Sussex

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