Sliding Doors

Our wooden Rationel sliding doors are designed to be as beautiful as the views they frame.

Sliding Patio doors where one half slides and the other side is fixed are ideal when space is at a premium. The sliding part lifts easily and glides in front of the fixed section to create an opening of up to 1.55 metres.

*Available in Rationel AURAPLUS triple glazed only.

Sliding Door

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Solarlux Cero - The Ultimate in Sliding Doors

Large-scale fixed or moveable cero elements combine architecture, design and technology in a masterful way. At only 34 millimetres wide, the slim aluminium profile enables maximum transparency. The concealed frames fit perfectly into the floor, wall and ceiling. Although the glass elements can reach a maximum of 15 square metres and a weight of up to 1,000 kilograms, intelligent technology ensures they are effortless to move. The different system types, I, II and III, make cero perfect for different climate zones.

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